Face Mud Masque

Does your skin need to detox? Let the VITAMAN Face Mud Masque come to the rescue.
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Does your skin need to detox? Let the VITAMAN Face Mud Masque come to the rescue. Our deep-cleansing, mineral-rich, and detoxifying formula, fortified with 200-year-old clay sourced from the Australian Outback, unclogs pores, removes unwanted impurities, and reduces shine to leave skin looking clear and refreshed. Powerful ingredients like Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Coconut Oil, and Allantoin work together with the clay to gently nourish, heal, and repair the skin.

Why You'll Love It
Great for all skin types, perfect for normal-to-oily skin
Organic white tea gives the skin an antioxidant boost
Improves the texture of blemished and problem skin
Eliminates toxins to promote softer, clearer skin
Calms acne-prone skin and prevents redness
Made with naturally anti-bacterial clay
Earthy, natural clay aroma
pH balanced formula won't strip skin of its natural moisture
Free from parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and other known skin irritants
Never tested on animals

Made With Good Stuff
White Tea Leaf Extract* 
Kaolin (Australian Natural Clay) 
Aloe Vera Leaf Juice* 
Coconut Oil* 
*Certified Organic Ingredient

62% Certified Organic Ingredients
99% Naturally-Derived Ingredients

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Short Description Does your skin need to detox? Let the VITAMAN Face Mud Masque come to the rescue.
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My Quick Fix
5 Stars

Keeps my skin clear, dark and handsome! Treat your yourself to this facial spa tratement in a tube! Trust me

false product description and dishonest service
1 Star

Recently purchased this product online, however the product received has different ingredients. The main ingredient Organic Sandalwood oil is replaced with Coconut oil. The changes were not notified to the customer prior to purchase. If such major changes in ingredient has been made it should not be advertised as Sandalwood oil and notice should be made to the customer.

The Ultimate Mask YOU Need!
5 Stars

I have used many other face mask products in the past ranging from the top brands such The Body Shop and Potion. However, this IS the one to use. The other two are great but what this does is clenches your face when setting - make sure you do it for the 15-30mins as instructed. With the clench feeling, it is releasing all the dirt and toxins from your skin. When it is rinsed you will notice a new 'glow' about you and feeling brand new. This is the natural ingredients you need for your face. So get going and buy this product. Once a week is more than enough.